• Fortress, Pre-Loved

    The official destination for buying and selling pre-loved Fortress shoes.

  • Why Fortress, Pre-Loved?

    Classic silhouettes never go out of style, but your tastes are forever-evolving. Fortress shoes are made using responsible production methods and high quality materials, so as long as they’re well-cared for they should stand the test of time. Fortress, Pre-Loved is where you can purchase pre-worn styles at reduced prices and resell shoes that don’t suit you anymore to give them a second life.
  • How It Works For...

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    Take a few pics, answer some questions, and submit for review.

    Ship it

    After it’s sold, we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label to ship it.

    Get paid

    Receive your funds once it’s been received and verified.

  • powered by treet

    Treet is our partner to help manage this amazing peer-to-peer secondhand experience. They handle the logistics, customer support, and the technical side of things behind Fortress Pre-Loved. As a user, you’ll interact with their team at times throughout your shopping experience. Learn more here.